About Us

I started this journey with one thing on my mind – my dad’s wish for me to pursue my passion as an artist. I started years ago with silversmithing and created pieces that brought happiness to many. My life’s path took me to the corporate world, where I learned how much we miss out on the personal connection. I have now realized that I can create collections that have a personal touch in combination with giving back to organizations that rescue animals and help the environment. I want to create a “community of passion” for these organizations and make a difference. 
I live my life as positively as possible, and natural gemstone beads remind me of the serenity in this world. They protect against negative energies and ease emotional stresses and conflicts. Cultures throughout history have used these beads to bring inner peace. These are the beads that I use and the bracelets that are “giving back” in their creation.

One little bracelet, one big mission.
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